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  • Superpower 2 : Patch 1.2b

    Superpower 2 : Patch 1.2b Zu dem Strategie Spiel Superpower 2 ist heut ein 7,5MB großer Patch erschienen. Dieser Patch behebt eine Menge Bugs und fügt neue Features hinzu. Den ganzen Changelog könnt ihr hier sehen :

    Fixed : Billions of units appearing in combat.
    Fixed : Corruption of save games after a complete annexation.
    Fixed : Crash in the split unit window.
    Fixed : Crash when sponsoring a military trespassing right.
    Fixed : Thematic maps: Empire country, political control, human control are processed faster
    Thematic maps: Clicking the thematic map legend item crash fix.
    Fixed : Potential crash when a country is conquered but other country try to use it to build units or vice versa
    Fixed : Cant bombard Antartica
    Fixed : Memory leaks reported by BoundsChecker
    Fixed : Possible crash in strategic warfare on water
    Fixed : Bug in client disconnection
    Fixed : Added a check in the sell unit to be sure the unit exist
    Fixed : Attacking units cant be disbanded
    Fixed : Locking the buttons on the client side in the unit list
    Fixed : Unit Research : can now save when any country is selected
    Fixed : Unit Research : can changes the tab and the data follows when dirty
    Fixed : Unit Research : The budget value displaying in the meters is not always correct
    Fixed : No more deployment on hostile regions
    Fixed : 3 Crashes with modal window in covert ops with train cell, new cell and new mission
    Fixed : Crash with modal window in treaty details with add remove window
    Fixed : Crash with modal window in resource with increase production window
    Fixed : Can now save when any country is selected
    Fixed : Unit deployment freeze
    Fixed : Scenario window not displaying objectives sometimes
    Fixed : Deleting temporary files
    Fixed : Admin player will be replaced if old admin drops out.
    Fixed : Crash on exit (sometimes)
    Fixed : Unit market window (buy used units) random crash.
    Fixed : Unit movement, added a check in the unit mover to not dereference a null pointer
    Fixed : Annexed countries wont be in treaties anymore
    Fixed : Made sure video_config works on win98
    Fixed : Wrong country name being displayed as a tooltip over the right flag in the battle overview window
    Fixed : Covert action cells cannot be in an inexisting country anymore
    Fixed : Player cannot be changed in the game lobby
    Fixed : When buying all the units in the last category, used units window would become unusable
    Fixed : Fixed a deployment crash
    Fixed : GeForce MX video cards transparency fix
    Fixed : Technology for units (requirements) are now in sync between the windows
    Fixed : Annexed country wont appear in treaties filter window anymore
    Fixed : Added validation upon sdk and mod id
    Fixed : Save/Load of multiplayer games now working properly (with and without passwords)
    Fixed : When you join a server, choose a political party, then quit, and join again, if you choose a country itll not change the political party in power
    Fixed : Cleanup of graphical objects crash at shutdown
    Fixed : Setting properly the total nuclear missiles value
    Fixed : Unit list refresh when building units

  • Superpower 2
    Superpower 2
    Flashpoint AG (DE)
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Superpower 2
Superpower 2 : Patch 1.2b